Top 3 Tips To Reduce Your Wrinkles and fine lines

If you are over 35, you should know that it’s time to take care of your facial skin because fine lines and wrinkles will slowly leave their footprints on you face, especially around the eyes. Age will soon overpower you and your beautiful face and it will gradually become a hapless victim to the ravages of time. So, what are you supposed to do now? Here are some useful tips to reduce your wrinkles around the eyes.

1. Use Proper Sunscreen

Are you using a sunscreen with a sun screen protection factor (SPF) of 30 ? Well, you must. While SPF is a measure of protection against the rays that cause sunburn, higher SPF sunscreens generally provide greater protection against UVA, the rays most responsible for fine lines and wrinkles, particularly around the eyes. Better, if your  sunscreen is fortified with antioxidants like vitamins C and E. Recent researches reveal that sunscreen with antioxidants offers better protection against UVA exposure. Antioxidants are your umbrellas that protect you from skin damage caused by sun rays.

2. Use effective Skin Care

If you want to reduce wrinkles and smooth your dry skin, there are no better proven anti-aging ingredients than retinoids. Derived from vitamin A, retinoids have been shown to activate collagen production and normalize cell renewal – a process that slows down with age. It is imperative that everyone over the age of 35 should use some form of retinoid if they want to look more youthful.

 Recommendation: After cleansing skin at night, use a retinol-containing cream to diminish fine lines and increase cell development. To allow your skin to adapt, you may need to use regularly at night to give yourself a good start.

For additional benefit, you may choose one that also contains peptides, small chains of amino acids that have been shown to signal cells to stimulate collagen.

3. Have Better Sleep

Sleep is a must for your skin. While you sleep, important physiological reactions take place in your skin, which includes an increase in cellular renewal. Unfortunately, a recent scientific study shows that we are not only getting less sleep than we need (six hours, instead of the desired seven to nine), but also we are getting less efficient sleep. Even after getting into bed, we remain awake as much as an hour or so to invite sleep. Indeed, such sleepless hours diminish the time skin needs to repair itself.

 Recommendation: For deeper and more restorative sleep, you must give your body and mind the best chance before going to bed. You may begin by dimming the lights an hour before bedtime: light suppresses melatonin, disrupting the natural sleep cycle. Having a hot bath can also be very refreshing and help you doze off faster. You may also listen to soft music before going to bed and it improves sleep quality as well – the sedative sounds can create a perfect ambience for better sleep.

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The  skin surrounding the region of eyes is so soft and delicate that it can quickly become an easy prey for the onset of dark circles and fines lines in the eye region. However, if you can can take a little care, you can surely be able to ward off  the occurrence of dark circles and lines under your eyes. I am giving you some useful tips the practice of which on a regular basis can prevent the easy onset of under eye dark circles and fine lines under the eyes.

 Wash make-up after use: Quite often, after returning from a party, we forget to remove the make up because we are either very tired or simply careless. There are many over the counter make up removal products available in the market and you don’t really need to work very hard in scraping off the make up and cleanse your face.

Moisturize the under eye region: when the skin under our eyes turns dry, it tends to lose its elasticity to a large extent and in such a circumstance when it’s stretched it may give rise to lines under eyes. If you apply moisturizers and gel to the under eye region, you can maintain the elasticity of the delicate under eye skin.Look for moisturizers that have adequate SPF factor in them that can take care of the damage done by the sun exposure.

Refresh the eyes with cold compress: the more you freshen your eyes with a cold compress, the more you will be able to reduce the puffiness that may have cropped up due to the aggregation of toxins in the lymph nodes positioned beneath the under eye region.

Use eye products that contain AHA: AHA or ‘Alpha Hydroxy Acid’ is a glycolic acid that reduces the occurrence of lines under eyes to a major extent. There are many products in the cosmetic market containing AHA that claim to wipe out the fine lines within a short time.Use them regularly and your skin will glow.

Apart from this, there are other anti-aging eye care beauty products available online, which you can make use of to reduce wrinkles or clear off the fine lines under the eyes. Eye Secrets is one such products that can help you tremendously in this regard. The instant eyelid lift can give a lift to your drooping eyelids, the instant eye tightener can reduce the fine lines under your eyes so that you may look much younger that you actually are. Grab Eye Secrets . It can really bring back those youthful days back when you happened to be the centre of attraction in the parties.

 A person's eyes are a window to his soul, they say. Looking  into a man’s eyes, you can guess a lot about his character, and the kind of human being he or she actually is. But dark bags or dry skin beneath eyes can prove a hindrance of sorts. A good human being with dark ugly eye bags or wrinkles around his eyes can look sinister for no fault of his. And your guess work about his character can go horribly wrong. But why should this happen? Neither you nor any other person should allow others to form a negative opinion about oneself because of physical reasons.

 Yes, there is no reason why anyone should have to avoid eye contact with you. If your skin problems are interfering with your ability to communicate with those around you, it's a problem that deserves immediate attention. Fortunately, it's one problem that can be easily taken care of.

It used to be once that no product on the market specifically addressed dry skin around eyes. Most skin creams earlier were designed to work on a broader aspect, providing relief by softening and soothing the dry and affected area. But what about specific  problems-- when the dry skin around eyes needs to be tackled directly?

These general creams and lotions were not capable of providing any solution to this. But fortunately, recent technological advances have produced products that can directly take  care of the dry skin beneath eyes. Prepared in the form of gel, when applied around a person's dry the skin around eyes, these products provide your injured skin with the treatment they need.

You might wonder how an eye care product can treat these problems so effectively now, which earlier products couldn’t. The key lies in the  compound called Eyeliss, a trademarked European compound widely used by celebrities to take care of their skin. Eyeliss was once hugely expensive, but now it has been made accessible to the common man of the street. The products containing Eyeliss can reduce  eye bags, regenerate dry, damaged skin, and the remove wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Another ingredient that has brought about this skin care revolution is Haloxyl, which has shown in clinical trials that it can take care of eye bags and dry skin around the eyes. The combined effects of these two active agents have proved some sort of miracle for treating dry skin beneath eyes.

Thanks to these  new- age of products, at once effective and affordable, dealing with dry skin around the eyes has never been so easy. So, without wasting time further, look for products containing these two ingredients. You will surely look yonger and more beautiful after a few months of treatment.

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Most people ,as they grow older, develop eye bags and wrinkles under the eyes. They consult their doctor to help them get rid of it. Their doctor bluntly tells them to go to a cosmetic surgeon to go for blepharoplasty in order to get rid of eye bags and lift drooping eyelids. By removing the excess skin, they will be able to make you look younger and fresher. Yes, basically you are left with two options : cosmetic surgery or non-surgical temporary eye lift. Let us discuss the pros and cons of the two processes:

Eyelid lift surgery

The eyes are the most important part of your face because your eyes often betray your age, which is why people go for this kind of surgery. Sagging eyelids and bags can make you feel old and ugly, and they can really dent  your self-confidence. The skin around eye area deteriorates faster than any other part of your face. Aging, gravity, harmful sunrays and muscle weakening all leave their marks on or around your eyes.

By undergoing eyelid surgery, you can rectify these problems, but you can’t have it cheap. Before you even decide to have the operation you have to pay the consultation fee. Finding an able and qualified surgeon can also be quite difficult, especially if you don’t live in the big cities. And then think of the huge expenditure, which will surely come heavy on you.

Besides, eyelid surgery isn't always a great success and sometimes it doesn't live up to the patient’s expectations. People go for such surgery with high hopes and are often left bitterly dissatisfied in the end.

Eyelid lift strips

However, though most people think otherwise, eyelid surgery isn't the only option for you. You can give yourself an instant eyelid lift at home using the Eye Secrets eyelid lift strips. It works in a very simple way and there is no magic involved here. What you have to do is to apply the Eye Secrets eyelid lift strip to your upper eyelid and it instantly pulls up the loose skin back to its former position. The strips are invisible, all natural and they contain a non-allergenic bonding gel to keep them in place for 8-12 hours without any hitch. Once you put them on, no body is going to notice them.

The eyelid strips last all day and can be applied whenever you want and where ever you want, at home, in office or before a weekend party. You instantly make yourself look fresher and younger. Indeed, putting instant eyelid strips can wipe out the signs of age from your eyes. So, don’t wait further. Try Eye Secrets eyelid lift strips and boost your confidence level and enhance your looks.