Non-surgical options for Eyelid Lift

If you wish to tighten the loose skin on the lower and upper eyelids, there are both surgical and non- surgical options available. The surgical option was previously considered to be the best. But as people are becoming more and more conscious of the hazards of cosmetic surgery, they are also looking for better non-surgical options for eyelid lift. Yes, it is now widely accepted that there are effective non-surgical options available which also can deliver the desired results.Some of the non-surgical options are: skin care by using vitamin C, Retin-A and eye creams, chemical peel and laser resurfacing.

Skin care by using vitamin C, Retin-A and eye creams:

This is a good option if you have a hectic life style or just want something which can be used daily for improving the overall skin tone. It is better to use the prescription grade products which are available only from the doctor’s office such as Obagi ski care products, Retin-A and other branded products.

These products will be more useful for tightening the skin than the OTC (Over the Counter) medicines. But there are certain limitations to the skin care products as they do not tighten the skin as much as other options.

Chemical peel

The chemical peel on the other hand does significantly tighten the lower and upper eyelid skin. The main benefit of the procedure is that it can be performed inside an office or some operating room settings. However there are some risks involved that could possibly damage your eyes.

The complete eye protection is absolutely necessary. You can get a significant amount of skin flaking or exfoliation after the chemical peel. The recovery period after this procedure is about 1 week. You have to protect the skin from sun for many weeks or even months after the chemical peel procedure.

Laser Resurfacing

This procedure is similar to chemical peel in terms of both risks and benefits. The difference being that the laser relies on energy of light wavelengths for exfoliating your skin. As a result the new skin grows having lesser wrinkles and is much tighter.

Last and best option
If you are disinclined to use any of the above options, which have their own advantages and disadvantages, I would suggest another: try the Eye Secrets anti-aging beauty products which have already a sensation in Britain.This temporary fix can bring immediate smile to your face because it is safe, effective and produce instant results. Give the Eye Secrets Eye Lift a try and see the transformation in your face.



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